Inpatient Psychiatry

As part of an interdisciplinary team, social workers on the inpatient psychiatry units assess the psychosocial stressors that have contributed to a patient’s hospitalization; assist in the formation of the treatment plan; and develop a carefully thought out plan for discharge. They conduct meetings with patients and their families, and collaborate with outpatient providers and community agencies to realize a plan that utilizes the patient’s strengths and existing supports. The social worker’s extensive knowledge of community resources is essential to this process.

Outpatient Psychiatry

In conjunction with nurse clinicians and psychiatrists, social workers in outpatient psychiatry assess, diagnose, and provide individual and group treatment for patients with major mental illness. They also assist patients with medication management. The social worker is a resource for patients and their families, and serves as a liaison with providers and community agencies to assure outstanding treatment and care. Programs within the Department of Psychiatry in which social workers play a vital role include:

  • Geri-Psych Outpatient Clinic
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs Outpatient Clinic
  • Day Treatment Program
  • MICA Day Treatment Program
  • World Trade Center Medical Monitoring Program
  • Therapeutic Nursery
  • Outpatient Child Psychiatry
  • Outpatient Adult Psychiatry